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  • How to Adding Your Brand/Logo to Your Power Tools: Detailed Guide on Embossing Printing Techniques
    • 2024-05-24

    What is Embossing? Embossing is a printing technique that began in the 15th century with the introduction of hot stamping plates, used for creating personalized stationery through embossing, engraving, and blind stamping. Embossing in Power Tools Embossing in power tools follows a similar principle but involves a different manufacturing process. When we emboss a brand logo on a tool, we first crea...

  • Choose the Best Angle Grinder for Your Projects & Tips for Using an Angle Grinder Safely
    • 2024-01-24

    The angle grinder is not only one of the most frequently used power tools by professionals, but also a convenient cutting and grinding tool that we often come across in our daily lives. So how does one choose the right grinder? 1.Working Principle of Angle Grinders Angle grinders use high-speed rotating discs, such as abrasive wheels, rubber wheels, wire wheels, etc. to grind, cut, deburr, polish ...

  • Best Factories for Angle Grinders - Top 5 Brand and Manufacturer Picks 2024
    • 2024-01-09

    The world power tool market is growing rapidly year by year. What are the outstanding domestic and foreign power tool brands? China is the main producer of power tools in the world. Who produces power tools? Below is a list of the top 5 power tool brands and one of the leading OEM&ODM Professionl power tool manufacturers, KYNKO, shared withyou. 1.BOSCH Bosch is one of the German industria...

  • How to find Top 5 Power Tool Manufacturers in China—Working Directly with Factories to Save the Cost
    • 2023-12-22

    Nowadays China has three major power tool industrial bases and tens of thousands of different power tool manufacturers and brands. It often takes huge efforts for procurement teams to filter out the professional-grade, high-quality tool factories. The following lists 5 factories that produce professional and industrial grade power tools with good quality. Working directly with factories helps redu...

  • Tips on Choosing the Right Angle Grinders
    • 2023-12-12

    Welcome to KYNKO, your go-to destination for high-quality angle grinders! As a leading Chin manufacturer specializing in power tools, we understand the importance of selecting the right equipment for your projects. In this guide, we will provide you with valuable tips on choosing the perfect angle grinder to meet your needs. An angle grinder is a handheld power tool mainly used for grinding, cutti...

  • Power Tools History | What you need to know about Die Grinders
    • 2023-12-04

    Power Tools History——What you need to know about Die Grinders Speaking of power tools, it contains many types and is a tool in daily life and industrial production. Today we will talk about the history of power tools development. The production of electric tools is inseparably linked to electricity. In 1895, the world's first DC electric drill was manufactured in Germany, which heralded the b...

  • Should power tools be double insulated?
    • 2023-11-30

    Double insulation is an important safety feature implemented in many power tools and appliances. It consists of two layers of electrical insulation instead of one to prevent electric shock. The first layer is called basic insulation. It covers current-carrying parts and provides the primary protection against electric shock. The second layer is called supplementary insulation. It acts as a backup ...

  • Power Tools History | When was the Jig Saw invented
    • 2023-10-24

    Jig saw is a kind of electric saw that can cut according to the curve. In 1947, the German company Bosch invented the world's first jig saw. Jigsaw is an electric reciprocating saw that can cut curves on boards. Equipped with a jigsaw blade, it can perform straight and curved sawing on wood, metal, plastic, rubber, leather and other boards. It can also be equipped with a sharp blade to cut ru...

  • Power Tools History | Who invented demolition hammer?
    • 2023-10-13

    Power Tools History-Who invented demolition hammer In 1932, Bosch launched the first electric hammer with a rotating impact mechanism, called the Professional EH 600. After repeated research and development and testing by Bosch engineers, Bosch finally launched its first impact drill. This small electric "handheld" engine represents the birth of electric power tools. It opened up a new technical f...

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