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KYNKO 185mm 7" 1500W Professional Powerful Circular Saw with Multi-purpose

  • 2022-07-22

185mm circular saw

The KD76 is a 185mm (7") circular saw has a powerful motor. Dust-proof design make sure sawdust and chips hardly ever come near operator. It is widely used for wood cutting and many other application. The KD76 is one of the most powerful 185mm circular saws on the market. Its armature size is bigger than the normal brand. The cutting depth and cutting angle are adjustable. Available with dust bag option for dust-free work. More user friendly.

Why choose KYNKO circular saw ?

-Full copper motor

-High quality aluminum cover

-Refined tough gear

-Dustproof design

-Compact ergonomic design

-Heat dissipation design

-0-45°angle adjustment

Multipurpose use

-Get it all in one

Application: Wood/PVC Pipe/Metal/Bone/Outdoor Cutting

-Handheld 0°cutting

kynko circular saw

-0-45°Beveling cutting

kynko 185mm circular saw

-Upside down table cutting

kynko 185mm circular saw











Maximum cutting depth :

65 MM




3.5 KG

kynko 185mm circular saw

1, Dust bag connector

2, Non-slip main handle

3, Auxiliary handle

4, Parallel guide socket

5, Thickened Blase plate

6, Automatic rebound blade guard

7, Bolt+flange

kynko 185mm circular saw

1, Blade guard

2, Auxiliary handle

3, ON/OFF Switch

4, Main handle

5, Depth scale

6, Power cord

7, Removable back cover

8, Quick change carbon brush

9, Angle scale bolt

1500W,  5500 RPM

Powerful full copper motor, high performance with silver copper alloy commutator.

Anti-overload and no burn-in, strong and efficient cutting.

Strong hardened gear,

All-steel transmission structure,

Stable performance and durable,

Continuous work for a long time without stopping.

kynko 185mm circular saw

Flexible cutting adjustment, Multi-angle cutting.

0~45°angle can be adjusted, 0~65MM depth adjustment.

360°heat dissipation,

Circulating cooling system.

Automatic rebound blade guard.

Double guard design. Effective protection and safer work.

Large dust extraction outlet ,

Dust bag for dust collection.

Clean and comfortable work environment.

Double handle design, non-slip main handle and ergonomics auxiliary handle.

More stable and comfortable cutting.

Thick and wide base plate.

Strong , stable and durable for long time accurate use.

360° wire sleeve for more flexible and convenient work.

We pay attention to details:

Safety switch -- Anti self-locking design. Safe and secure.

Comfortable handle, Ergonomic Design.

Reinforced nylon PA66, high strength material. Light weight and durable.

Durable blade guard, not easy to break.

Long life carbon brush. Quick change design.

Extension cable, lengthen and bold.

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