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The best brushless circular saw in China

The best brushless circular saw in China

  • 2022-02-17

Founded in 1993, KYNKO is an enterprise integrating independent research and development, independent production and operation. It is a national high-tech enterprise and a famous trademark enterprise in Fujian Province. With high-end power tools as the core industry. Quality and service coexist, professional manufacturer of high-end power tools.

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KYNKO owns the best circular saw----145 rechargeable circular saw uses the largest 145mm saw blade for single-handed saws on the market, which perfectly achieves a cutting depth of 52mm. The core hardware adopts brushless motor, and the output power is stronger. The cutting length of 1.5 cm thick wood board is as high as 75 meters to 110 meters. The design of the overall fuselage has been carefully studied and corrected. The angle of the handle and the weight of the head of the machine are kept in the complementary of gravity. This design can ensure that the operator will not feel fatigued after a day of use. Greatly improve work efficiency.

Since the KYNKO brand 145mm rechargeable circular saw was launched in July this year, it has won the favor of a large number of fans and customers. After experiencing the product and operating on the construction site, they have given positive comments. The following is the video of KYNKO brand customer feedback. Witness the strength with practice. Friends, you should choose KYNKO brand power tools.

KD87 is a 145 mm brushless circular saw with strong power and duct-free function. It's widely used for wood cutting work and suitable for a variety of works. With a 360° dust outlet, which can provide dust-free work. Ergonomic design greatly reduces fatigue and improves work efficiency. Designed & Manufactured by KYNKO Power Tools, Quality Guaranteed.

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1. Advanced powerful brushless motor, higher RPM and torque, long life span, excellent temperature control.
2. With 360° dust outlet, dust-free work.
3. 52mm maximum cutting depth improves work efficiency.
4. Long battery life supports up to 2 days of work.
5. One-handed operation, only 2.6KG, ergonomically balanced design, reducing operator fatigue.
6. Electronic braking system to ensure user safety.

7. Application: wood cutting, tile cutting, PVC cutting, metal cutting etc.

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