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Angle Grinder Safety Tips

  • 2021-11-01

Angle grinders, also known as side grinders or disc grinders, are available in a variety of sizes and are driven by electric, gas or pneumatic. This power tool is a versatile machine that can be used for a variety of tasks such as cutting, grinding and polishing. This is definitely something that almost everyone can benefit from having. However, it is important to be familiar with safe and wise practices.

Always wear the right PPE

Even if you just want to cut or grind quickly for a few seconds, you should always spend a few more seconds wearing the recommended PPE. We recommends that you wear eye and hearing protection; leather gloves; natural fiber clothing; wear an apron and respiratory protection as needed.In addition, you should avoid wearing loose clothing.

Use the right wheel size

Use the right-sized disc for the grinder and make sure the locking nut is tight. Ensure the disc is suitable for grinding the material you have selected and ensure the disc can be used at the grinder’s maximum speed. It is common for unsuitable discs to shatter and cause injuries.

Use safety guards

All the safety features on the tool are for a reason. The guard installed on the angle grinder is designed to be a barrier between your hands and body and the rotating disc, and protect you if your grinding wheel or grinding wheel breaks or breaks. For this reason, almost all angle grinders have explosion-proof protection devices. They are designed with a locking mechanism to prevent the protective cover from automatically opening to the operator when your wheel is broken. Those guards are not something you should work without attachment.

Don't customize the machine by yourself

Some angle grinder owners may want to customize their tools, but we recommend against it. If you are considering any customization, you should first contact the manufacturer.

Only use accessories that are actually designed for angle grinders. When you start to manipulate something to make it work, you are setting up faults for yourself and the machine. Not only will you risk damaging the grinder (and possibly void any warranty), you will also put yourself and others around you at risk of serious injury. If you are not sure whether a particular accessory matches your grinder, you can usually find the relevant information in the product description, or you can quickly call the manufacturer.

Check the abrasive

Accidental drops happen from time to time. You may not have done it, but someone can do it. You can observe if there is any damage to the accessory and if it is no longer safe to use. Whether you are using a used disc or a brand new abrasive, always check the wheel first. The cutting wheel may be hit during transportation or accidentally dropped during storage. Checking for chips, cracks or any other damage before using the grinding wheel will help your machine perform its best while protecting you and others around you from damage and breakage. Remember: if you think that there is a problem with the accessory, please don't use it!

Warm up and check the grinder

Whether you are just picking it up, returning from a break, or taking it away from another worker-before using it, let the angle grinder run for at least a full minute with the attachment attached. This gives the machine the opportunity to warm up and reach full speed, and it also gives you the opportunity to feel, hear or see if the grinder is in ideal working condition.

Making Your Workspace Safe

Any time an angle grinder is used to grind or cut metal, sparks will be emitted around the work area. These sparks are very flammable. To avoid accidental fire, please make sure that there is no flammable material or fire in the work area, and make sure that there is no flammable liquid or gas in the area.

Tighten the disc properly

When tightening the wheel or brake disc, always use a wrench to make it fit tightly. Many people tighten the wheels by hand, which can be dangerous in use. There is no need to make it particularly tight, it's just a comfortable fit that you can't do with your hands.

Keep control with two hands

One of the biggest safety tips is to always have full control of the machine. It is important to always keep both hands on the right tool. Putting your hands on the grinder gives you more control and better leverage. You always want one hand on the side handle and the other on the back of the grinder. In addition, do not carry the angle grinder with your fingers on the power button.

Need help to choose the right angle grinder?

Please feel free to contact KYNKO to choose right angle grinder for your work.

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