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Brushed and Brushless tools- which one is more popular?

  • 2021-10-11

In recent years, more and more brushless tools emerged in the market and promoted by its manufacturers, compared with the traditional brush tools, what are the main differences and which one is more popular?

A. The principle of brush motor:

The brushed motor is the most traditional motor which we approached from the middle school. It is mainly made up of field coil+armature+carbon brush. By rotating the magnetic field and obtaining rotation torque, it will output the kinetic energy. The carbon brush and the commutator constantly contact and rub, which will play a conductive and phase change role in the rotation

The Brush motor adopts mechanical direction change, in the working process, the magnetic pole stands still while the coil rings rotate. When the motor works, the coil rings and commutator rotate, the magnetic steel and carbon brush are stationary, the alternating change in the coil current direction is completed by the commutator and carbon brush rotating with the motor.

A. The principle of brushless motor:

In the brushless motor, the phase change is transferred to the control circuit in the controller (generally a Hall Sensor + controller, and the more advanced technology is a magnetic encoder)

The brushless motor adopts electronic direction. The coil ring stands still while the magnetic pole rotates.The brushless motor is to use a set of electronic equipment through the Hall element to perceive the position of the permanent magnet pole. According to this perception, use the electronic line to timely switch the direction of the current in the coil and ensure the magnetic force in the right direction to drive the motor, which eliminates the disadvantages of having a brush motor

B. What are the benefits of Brushless motor compared with Brush motor

1. Less noise: in the brush motor, the carbon brush and the commutator will constantly rub against each other, which will generate high noise. On the contrary, a set of electronic equipment replace the carbon brush in the brushless motor, which greatly decreased the noise and make working circumstances more comfortable

2. Efficiency: the brushless motor will be much more higher due to the electronic control instead of mechanic control

3. Maintenance and lifetime: due to no carbon brush, the maintenance of brushless tools will be easier and lifetime will be longer

4. Prices: the brushless models are normally more expensive than the brush models, customers can decide which type to buy based on their actual demand

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