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What are the main differences between workshop power tools and professional stone-working power tools

  • 2021-06-19

What are the main differences between workshop power tools and professional stone-working power tools

Tools are very common products in every person’s daily life. You might have used them very often in your own workshop before. But meanwhile, tools is also a big family and consisted of many members, such as cordless, wood-working, gardening, stone-working, measuring...

So, what are the main differences between the workshop tools people use in daily life and our professional stone-working power tools?

Difference A: product range

Workshop tools own a much bigger product range than our stone-working tools. The wood-working and cordless are two of the most players inside, besides, metal-working series, measuring ones and hand tools play an important role as well

On the contrary, the range of stone-working will be smaller, the main players are tools like stone cutters, stone grinders, marble/granite/diamond tools, which are limited to stone industries

Difference B: the application range

The workshop tools are more for DIY work at home for personal. Such as making some furniture, doing home decorations, creating some handicrafts..., people use them to do some light jobs and the working circumstances are normally comfortable and safe

Stone-working power tools often are applied in some heavy-duty industries, like stone and granite cutting, stone polishing, demolition..., the worksites are in mines, stone factories, marble suppliers.., which are with very critical working circumstances

Difference C: Quality level

Quality level is a very important difference between workshop and stone-working tools

As workshop tools are mainly applied in some light jobs, some as decoration and handwork, people will more focus on its appearance, practicality and comfort ability, they will not require very high-quality(higher quality will mean more money to them), people may use them during their spare time(not frequently), and ignore the lifetime of the tools

Most of the stone-working tools are normally applied in heavy-duty industries and worksites with very critical working conditions, workers will use it in long time continuously. The tools must be with high-quality and endurance which can survive

Difference D: Prices

Some workshop tools may be very cheap, because they don’t require high-quality and good components. In some developed countries, the consumers may change to a new tool directly or the seller will give them a new tool, if one tool is broken, besides, some families or workshop will but a large quantity of workshop tools for use, the expensive price will be a burden to them

Quality is very very important to stone-working power tools, because of the critical working conditions and long-life requirements. No matter from its raw materials, such as bearings, switches, grease, carbon brush, wiring, steel plates, or from its production equipment and pre-shipment inspection. Most of stone-working power tool manufacturers own a professional team of technicians and QC people to make ensure the high quality of their products

Difference E: the market

Workshop tools exist in each corner of the world, no matter from developed countries or developing countries, the hot area or the cold area, or the skills you own, some fresh users can master the workshop tools only in a short time of excises

For stone-working power tools, they are solely widely applied in some countries with rich natural resources of stone products, or with related stone-working industries, such as China, Iran, Poland, Turkey, Brazil, India...

Kynko is the leading stone-working power tool manufacturer in China since 1993, with 2 big production plants of 80,000sm2, over 600 skilled workers and 20 productions. Customers are welcome to visit our factory and test our high-quality products, or visit our website for more product details

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