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Find the Best Die Grinder from KYNKO

  • 2021-06-10
Find the Best Die Grinder from KYNKO

What is a Die Grinder?

Die grinder is a portable, handheld tool designed with a variety of different applications. They can be powered either by electricity or compressed air, and they contain a rotating spindle equipped with a collet that keeps the rotating bit in place.

The Most Common Applications of Die Grinders
1. Getting Rid of Rust
If you’re working with older iron or steel machinery, a die grinder is a must-have. Rust is created by simple oxygen, so whenever your iron or steel is exposed to the air, it’s going to rust over time. You can use a die grinder with an array of accessories to remove rust.

2. Polishing Stainless Steel

Metal, especially stainless steel, always looks better when it’s polished. With a die grinder, polishing can be very easy.

3. Wood & Stone Carving

Woodworkers and stoneworker use die grinders to carve wood into beautiful shapes and great art with these great tools.

Accessories Can Be Used On Die Grinders
Polishing Wheels
Carbide burr
Wood Cutting Wheels
Metal Cutting Wheels
Grindstone Bits.
Wire Wheels
Sanding Wheels

KYNKO Die Grinder Models

KYNKO has a variety of die grinder models. We manufactures one of the most professional die grinders for stone work in the world. We also offer die grinders which are suitable for different applications.

Our advantages & features of die grinders
-Temperature control and patent hollow design ensuring comfortable operation when having the heavy-duty and long time work.
-Exclusive dustproof protection technology on bearings, motor and switch. NSK, C&U high quality bearings.Stable and smooth operation.
-Durable Aluminum gear cover.
-Strong power with rotors of larger size for heavy-duty work,especially for stone works.
-Extended output shaft for narrow space.

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