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KYNKO Rotary Hammer --a professional and trusted choice

  • 2021-05-20

KYNKO Rotary Hammer --- a professional and trusted choice

Rotary hammer is a productive and powerful tool for both professionals and DIY workers.

What makes an excellent rotary hammer?

Generally speaking, rotary hammers have the following benefits:

-Powerful and light.

Rotary hammers are more powerful than other types of tools. Compared to impact drills, rotary hammers have greater impact energy and are ideal for tasks that require drilling large holes in concrete. The rotary hammer is similar to a demolition hammer, but lighter. They have a stronger hammering ability and can easily perform construction or demolition tasks.

-Different settings/modes.

The best electric hammer has multiple settings. You can switch between hammer mode, a hammer drill mode, and drill mode. When you select the hammer-only mode, the device can operate normally without rotating and is most suitable for light demolition work or carpentry work. Electric hammers with different settings allow you to perform more tasks faster and more accurately.


The electric hammer has less vibration and a good grip, which can reduce vibration.

Above are aspects to choose a good rotary hammer. KYNKO Rotary Hammer is one of the best choices in the world. Which is able to reach all these standards.

-More powerful with stable professional quality.

Take KYNKO KD68 30mm rotary hammer as an example, the rotary hammer uses the advanced technology of motor, 1300W strong power. The net weight is 4.5KG, Lighter than similar rotary hammers on the market. The optimized motor cooling system can effectively extend the service life of the motor.

-Different modes to handle multiple works.

KYNKO KD68 has four functions, including drill, hammer drill, chiselling, chisel angle adjustment. This KYNKO rotary hammer can be widely used in a variety of applications, such as Concrete, steel, wood, etc. materials drill and breaking. The tool can help you to handle most heavy-duty construction works.

--Comfortable and safe operation.

KYNKO always puts the safety and comfort of workers first. KYNKO rotary hammer has the following features to ensure your comfort and safety. Drop resistance designed to prevent damage of accidental falling.  A safe clutch system ensures safety using when the hammer is stuck. The ergonomic soft rubber handles and switch trigger operation mode effectively improve the touch and reduce labor intensity; the dual-active anti-vibration system can effectively reduce machine vibration and effectively reduce the intensity of workers.

KYNKO aims to manufacture the best rotary hammer in the world. Welcome to watch the video introduction.

We have developed different types of rotary hammers including 22mm, 26mm, 28mm, 30mm Rotary Hammer. Please visit now.

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