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Super products of Kynko power tools

  • 2021-04-15

China is the biggest production base for power tools in the world. There are thousands of power tool manufacturers in the territory and each one has its strong and featured products, which helps it distinguish from others and attract customers.

As one of leading power tools manufacturers with history of nearly 30 years, what are the star products of Kynko power tools? I would like to recommend the below 4 series to you:

1. Kynko 21V brushless power tools series: KD77(Rotar Hammer), KD40(Impact Wrench) and KD85(Angle Grinder)

Along with the technology development and cost reduction of raw materials in recent years, today the brushless tools are more and more popular by the consumers. Compared with the traditional corded and cordless tools, the brushless tools are with lower noise, longer lifetime and better output efficiency. It will play a very important role in the future market

The Kynko new 21V brushless series debuted in 2016 and won great reputation among the customers. The whole series are universal to the same charging and battery pack platform, with four times protection of battery pack ensuring safety work, high-torque brushless motor from leading supplier in China and big 4.0Ah Li-ion cells. All tools are in cloth bag packing for easy carrying

2. Kynko Industrial level Angle Grinder KD69, KD72, KD78 and KD71

Kynko is quite famous for the high quality angle grinders since its birth and deemed as one of the best three angle grinder manufacturers in China

Model KD69 and KD72 are our short-handle series extremely for industrial use. Both models are in slim body design for easy operation and strong input power 900/1200W. The other features include NSK/NMB bearing, Toyo/Fuji carbon brush, Jiaben switch, 40Cr 2-times heat gears, maximum 4m rubber cable..., which can make the tool reach longest lifetime of 800 hours.

P.S.: KD69 can be be with side switch or back switch, the other optional functions include power-off function(for European market) and variable speed+constant power

For long-handle angle grinder KD78 and KD71, we offer customers with variable options:

KD78A: with lock on switch for continuous working

KD78B&E: with safety lock-off switch and CE approval

KD78D: with safety lock-off switch, specially-designed larger straight handle and dust shroud, for concrete grinding

KD78C: specially designed for wall cutting in single blade and water hose

KD71(6711) and 6712: 2300W or 2600W for normal grinding, soft start is optional

KD71(6715DS): with safety lock-off switch, specially-designed larger straight handle and dust shroud, for concrete grinding, soft start is optional

3. Kynko Industrial level Rotary Hammer KD68

P.S.: for video show, please visit:

The tool’s benchmark is the famous international brand Hilti rotary hammer. It is our strongest heavy-duty rotary hammer.

The tool is with strong power 1050W and SDS-plus 30mm maximum drilling diameter in concrete. Kynko provides 3 modes for customers’option: single mode, two mode and three mode with AVT and quick-change chuck function. The tool is with internal anti-kickback safety clutch to protect user’s safety.

Kynko selected best raw materials and study years in improving the tools’ performances. It has been tested and approved by several famous international brands and won orders from them

4. Kynko professional stone polisher KD05 and Die Grinder KD03

Kynko is number 1 for portable stone-working power tools in China and these 2 models are its masterpieces on the stone-working tools.

Instead of the old KD05 with heavy and expensive aluminum housing, the new KD05 is light but durable plastic housing. To ensure the user’s safety during working, framework bearing sleeve and gearbox with labyrith dustproof design are simultaneously applied. Meanwhile, the motor is with superior technology to ensure longlife time and 7M rubber cable is available

And different from the traditional stone die grinder, Kynko KD03 die grinder is with hollow design of output shaft, therefore, the heat will be very low during working to make customers feel comfortable, it is one of Kynko’s patent as well

For more Kynko power tools details, welcome to visit our website:

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