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Reasons to choose KYNKO angle grinders

  • 2021-04-06

Dear customers, are you wondering how to choose the best angle grinder?

KYNKO has put together this guide to help you choose the most professional angle grinder!

1, Different size are available

KYNKO manufactures a wide range of angle grinders with different sizes, including 4 inch (100mm), 4.5 inch (115mm), 5 inch (125mm),6 inch (150mm), 7 inch(180mm), 9 inch (230mm).

2, Powerful and High quality motor

With almost 30 years rich experience, KYNKO enjoys high reputation of manufacturing high quality and powerful motors. KYNKO’s angle grinders can be widely used in all kinds of heavy-duty works, especially for stone processing industry. We are proud of that KYNKO is the best portable stone power tools manufacturer in China.

What makes our motors better than others?

•The silver content of commutator is 8‰, not only1‰.

•The Enameled wire supplied by Dartong, the best quality brand in China. 100% copper. Not reused materials.

• The silicon steel sheet used is first class DW470,

• Enameled Wire is protected by insulating glue from Japan.

• Etc.

3, Dust management and heat resistance

• Dust management plays a vital role when choose an angle grinder. Thanks to KYNKO’s dustproof design, our angle grinders are able to endure the most dusty condition.

•360 degree cooling system also effectively control the temperature rise. 

4, Safety features

• Soft start & restart protection.

A soft start motor negates this by ramping up to full power in a controlled slope, meaning there is no sudden jolting or jarring when      the switch is engaged.

Restart protection is a safety feature that automatically breaks the circuit in the event of a power cut; to start the grinder up again,      the switch has to be switched off and then back into the on position.

• Vibration Control

• We offer high quality wheel guard to protect users’ safety.

• Kickback Protection

• Overload Protection

5, Durable and qualified spare parts

•NMB, NSK Bearing

•20CrMnTi gear,

•PA6 plastic material supplied by BASF Germany

•All tools are with Capacitor, ensure safety

•VDE Power Cord from Leoni, Germany

•The Impact Components are made of military materials


As a leading manufacturer of professional power tools, KYNKO has been focusing on angle grinder for more than 20 years. Angle grinder is the base product of KYNKO. KYNKO is most professional in angle grinders! We are very proud to tell you that we are one of the top 3 angle grinder manufacturers in China. If you are looking for true professional or industrial angle grinder, KYNKO is your best choice!

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