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How is KYNKO different with others?

  • 2021-03-12

“How is Kynko quality compared with Xosch, Xakita, Xewalt...”

“Are Kynko products competitive than Other Chinese power tools brands?”

“Why Kynko products are expensive than some Chinese brands in our market?”


The above kinds of questions are frequently asked by some new customers before cooperation during sales.

As the main manufacturing and export base for power tools, there are thousands of power tool manufacturers and vendors in China, which meets over 80% demand in the worldwide market. What is the outstanding points between Kynko and some other factories/brands? To understand this, let me explain from the below factors:

1. Factor A: Who is Kynko?

Kynko is a Chinese power tool manufacturer (not a trader) with deep experiences from 1993. Unlike other manufacturers, we firstly started with the production of spare parts, for example, the commutators and armatures, which help us master a part of core technology for power tools. Based on this, in 2002, the 1st production line was kicked off officially

After almost 30 years’ development, now Kynko owns 2 production bases of 80,000 square meters, over 600 skilled and 20 production lines. It has been a leading power tool manufacturer in China.

Kynko exported to many than 80 countries & areas in the worldwide and have more than 1500 dealers

2. Factor B: how is the Kynko power tools quality?

Kynko only produces Industrial and professional quality tools!

All Kynko tools are suitable for heavy-duty users. We have professional test equipment and staff, from the raw materials to finished products, all tools need to pass 4 steps of strict inspection before delivery

Kynko is extremely good at producing stone and granite working power tools. We are one of the best portable stone&granite power tools manufacturers in China, such as stone-working angle grinders, stone polishers, die grinder, marble cutters..

The Kynko power tools can increase at least working efficiency than the normal brands in the market

3. Factory C: why Kynko price is more expensive than the normal Chinese brands in the market?

To ensure high-quality levels, Kynko always select the best qualified part suppliers.

NSK/NMB bearings

Toyo/Fuji carbon brush

BASF plastics

Shell Oil

Jiaben switch...

The silver content of commutator is 8‰, not only 1‰

The Enameled wire supplied by Dartong, the best quality brand in China. 100% fresh copper. Not recycled materials.

The silicon steel sheet used is first class DW470, from WISCO

Enamelled Wire is protected by insulating glue from Japan

These big brands are extensively accepted and applied by the famous international brands, they are also applied by Kynko to ensure our high quality levels

4. Factor D: how to check or prove Kynko products details?

Kynko has different channel for showing our quality and performances:

1. Our company website:, the product photos in high resolution and video is attached the each product

2. Check our facebook site:, the latest news and product details are upgraded time to time

3. Search Kynko power tools on Youtube:, there are videos either from Kynko or our esteemed customers

4. Find us at Linkedin:

5. Find us at google: by entering Kynko power tools

Customers can also send email to to get the latest product catalogue and other needed information

Due to Covid-19, the foreigners can’t visit Kynko factory in person, we prepared VR pictures for  customers to look into the factory insides 360 degree:

As a leading Chinese power tools factory, Kynko welcome all customers to contact us freely for cooperation and collaboration.

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