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KYNKO Brushless rotary hammer

KYNKO Brushless rotary hammer

  • 2022-02-09

KYNKO Brushless rotary hammer

KYNKO professional engineering-grade brushless rotary hammer with the highest quality are the best choice of thousands of craftsman.

After a thousand trials and tribulations, KYNKO cordless electric hammer KD77 is invincible now. This cordless rotary hammer is sturdy and wear-resistant, reliable in performance and powerful. KD77 brushless rotary hammer will bring you a new technological experience. Your home and engineering work can be easily done with this it. There is lots of advantage of this cordless rotary hammer.

1.Brushless motor

This is a brushless and sparkless hammer with more powerful powerhigher speed, higher power, longer life span. It can easily penetrate load-bearing wall and concrete.etc.

2. 21V,4.0AH battery

With four times protection of battery pack, it is much safer. Which can meet your different needs. The 4.0Ah battery pack can be fully charged in just 90 minutes.

It can save charging time and work more efficiently.

3.Can use drills with a maximum diameter 22mm

This cordless rotary hammer can be used with drills with a maximum diameter of 22mm. It can also be used with various drill bits of different diameters, which meet different job requirements. It makes things more convenient.

4.Dust collection, ensure clean work

This brushless rotary hammer also has a dust collection structure. Its unique automatic dust collection function can prevent dust from entering the eyes. Which make things more convenient and make user more safer.

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