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The development history of power tools in the world

The development history of power tools in the world

  • 2022-08-19

The development history of power tools in the world has been more than 100 years, mainly developed by international brands.

Black & Decker




Above brands are all established power tool manufacturers. The downstream market of power tools is mainly for household use and industrial production. Before World War II, there were many plug-in power tools for industrial use. After World War II, there were more power tools for household use and more DIY. The volume of power tools increases with the increase in household usage. Since the 1990s, dust-free technology has emerged, and dust-free tools have just begun to be applied in the industrial field. At the beginning of this century, lithium batteries have gradually become popular, and power tools have ushered in a wave of development.

Power tool technology has developed rapidly, brushed motors, brushless motors and other technologies have been continuously improved, power batteries are getting smaller and smaller, and the torque is getting bigger and bigger. Different power tool manufacturers have dust-free solutions and large battery solutions, and have process platforms that span different battery wattages. In recent years, the rapid development of Chinese brand power tools has transitioned from gasoline tools to lithium batteries.

The trend now is one battery pack for all the power tools in the home. We can see Chinese TOP power tools brand DEVON, WORX, DONGCHENG, KYNKO, INGCO, etc. also have its development. Cordless tools became more popular in the whole world. KYNKO located in Quanzhou, Fujian China. The second factory put into use in 2012. Till now KYNKO create more and more cordless items like cordless angle grinders, cordless circular saw and some other power tools in very good quality. Welcome to learn more by visit:

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