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China Top impact drill factories and manufacturers

China Top impact drill factories and manufacturers

  • 2022-09-16

Impact drill, also known as a percussion drill, is a power tool used chiefly for drilling in hard materials. It is a rotary drill with an impact mechanism that produces a hammering motion. The impact mechanism provides quick succession of short hammer thrusts to break down the material to be drilled, providing faster drilling with less effort. If the hammer drill's impact mechanism can be turned off, the tool can be used like a conventional drill for tasks such as a screwdriver.

China is the largest power tools manufacturing base in the world. There are many well-known brands in China supplying impact drills with excellent performance. For those who are looking for the leading impact drill factories in China, following are some top recommended manufacturers,


WORX is a line of lawn and garden equipment and power tools owned and distributed by the Positec Tool Corporation, a manufacturing company based in Suzhou, China. The series of products include: impact drills, angle grinders, sand grinders, saws, hand tool sets, etc.


Founded in 1993, a Top Leading Professional Power Tools Manufacturer/Brand in China.

KYNKO has a strong production capacity. With the help of advanced equipment and a group of well-trained workers and technicians, KYNKO continues to provide global customers with stable quality power tools.

china impact drill factory

KYNKO now has a wide range impact drills with professional and Industrial quality, which is widely used on home improvement , heavy-duty construction works, workshop works etc. Following are some popular models from KYNKO,


china impact drill factory

Z1J-KD04-13  (6042)

Input Power: 710W

No Load Speed: 0-2800RPM

Max Impact Rate: 0-44800RPM

Max. Drilling Diameter: Steel: 13mm  Wood: 23mm  Concrete: 13mm


china impact drill factory


Input Power: 850W

No Load Speed: 0-3000RPM Max

Impact Rate: 0-48000RPM

Max. Drilling Diameter: Steel: 13mm  Wood: 23mm  Concrete: 13mm


china impact drill factoryZ1J-KD34-13  (6341)

Input Power: 1100W

No Load Speed: 0-1200/ 0-3200 RPM

Max. Drilling Diameter: Steel: 13mm  Wood: 23mm  Concrete: 16mm

china impact drill factory

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The Asia-focused DEVON brand was launched by Chervon in 2007. DEVON develops, designs and manufactures powerful, durable, efficient and safe power tools. There are more than 100 highly competitive products in six product lines to meet the strict requirements of professional users.


Dongcheng is one of the key backbone enterprises manufacturing professional power tools in China. Dongcheng Company manufactures various types of power tools and their spare parts. Nowadays, Dongcheng has more than 10 different impact dirll models to meet different applications and works.

5, DCA

DCA is a brand under Dongcheng group , which is committed to manufacturing high-quality professional grade power tools. DCA power tools are manufactured according to rigorous production standards, and are widely used in the fields of building construction, home decoration, stone processing, shipbuilding and water conservancy projects.

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