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The history of China power tools industry

The history of China power tools industry

  • 2022-10-26

In 1895, 16 years after American inventor Thomas Edison invented the incandescent electric lamp, German engineering company C&E Fein developed the world's first power tool by combining an electric motor with a manual drill. As for China, the Dawei Electric Machinery Factory made the country's first electric tool by imitating an American Champagne brand electric drill in 1942, and it becomes the start point of the power tools history in China. After about ten years of development, Dawei Electric Machinery Factory grown rapidly and has become the first professional power tool manufacturer in China. At this initial development of Chinese power tools, due to the technical limitations, there are just a few kinds of power tools in the market. The major power tool produced domestically is the electric drill, while imports make up most of the rest of the market.

However, in the 1970s, China has begun to collaborate on single-phase series-excitation power tools. There were 20 power tools have been manufactured, including double-insulated single-phase series-excitation drills and angle polishers. China also established the Electric Tool Testing Center and the Electrical Products Commission Electric Tool Certification Station.

Although the power tool technology was progressing rapidly in China at that time, international power tool companies are still more technically advanced than Chinese, and since 1987 they have entered China and captured most of the market. China power tools market is basically monopolized by foreign brands during the 1980s~1990s.

When time comes to the 21st century, against the backdrop of economic globalization, Chinese power tool industry has obtained huge development opportunities in the process of undertaking the transfer of international division of labor.  As competition in the industry heated up and fierce rivalries developed, excellent brands prospered and expanded. The continuous improvement of China's global competitiveness has made it an important producer and exporter of power tools and spare parts. The landmark event is that the power tools output of YongKang reached 23 million units and occupied about 35% of China's total export volume of power tools. It is one of the largest export bases of power tools and ranks alongside Japan and Germany as one of the top three global exporters.

The supply and demand relationship of Chinese power tool market has gradually reached a balance, market requirements for product quality have increased and domestic enterprises competitiveness has been strengthened. Power tools have gradually changed from wired to wireless, and various innovative technologies have gradually developed.

During this period, some small-scale power tool manufacturers faced an increasingly fierce market and withdrew from the market. KYNKO INDUSTRIAL LIMITED, however, has flourished as a well-known comprehensive tool manufacturer in China. It has developed an enterprise scale and excellent brand influence, high-quality product quality, and innovative ability to keep pace with the times that have been recognized by consumers not only in the domestic power tool market but also around the world.

KYNKO founded by manufacturing commutator in 1993. In 1998 KYNKO has mastered the technology of producing armatures and stators independently.After another four years of hard work, KYNKO could finally independently produce power tools with its own brand and patents. What’s more, in 2005 and 2014 KYNKO built two factory which covers 80,000+㎡ area and become the leading professional power tools manufacturer in China. Currently KYNKO owns more than 20 production line and 200+ world-class automatic production & testing equipment, 600+ staff including a group of professional engineers & technicians.

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KYNKO has kept up a large investment in research and development, striving to own a range of core technologies. Additionally, all KYNKO products have CCC certificates, and many have passed CE, GS, EMC, CB and UL certifications. Factory has passed ISO9001:2015 quality system certification and was awarded as "Well-known Trademark" & "High-tech Enterprise" by Chinese government.KYNKO tools have been successfully sold to Europe, Asia, America, Australia, Africa, etc. market, more than 70 countries. KYNKO believe science and technology creates better life.

Welcome to join KYNKO worldwide business patterns and establish long-term relationship!

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